Delving into the art and design of Persian and Arabic letters
Year: 2021-2022
Art & Design by: Mohammad Alem Afzalli
Type-Posters is a small personal project by me aiming to explore and go through different directions of the type and lettering industry in the context of the Middle East especially Afghanistan. The main purpose is not only to explore the technical aspects but to showcase and reflect the untouched visual beauty of the local languages within this country. It is an ongoing project as I find new things every day and will be sharing more of such posters in the upcoming years. Thank you for being here to view this project. 
A special thanks to Muheb Esmat and Rohola Rezaei for dedicating their valuable time to directing and mentoring this project from the beginning.

Parwaz (To Fly)

Khawf (Fear)

Synergy (1+1=3)



Thank You!

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