Illustrations Package for
Project Type: Illustration
Initiative: I Am Afghanistan
Concept and Illustration: Mohammad Alem Afzalli
Year: 2017
#IAmAfghanistan is initiative to promote unity, patriotism among Afghans, support the ANSFs, engage youth in rural areas with government and overall create a platform to support stability, de-radicalization and counter-extremism.

In this set of illustrations I was not only looking for ways to portray the above missions, but to also look for creative ways to open the door for conceptual visual communication. 

1. Unity
The map showcases the diverse ethnicities residing in Afghanistan. It is depicted in varying sizes and colors to celebrate the unique differences that shape this beautifully diverse nation.

2. National Army Support
The second illustration drew inspiration from an edited image circulating on social media, depicting a soldier paying homage to the flag. We endeavored to recreate our rendition of this powerful message by placing the flag on his shoulder and illustrating him from behind. This singular illustration garnered immense support not only for our valiant soldiers but also for our people.

3. Counter Extremism
Guns and gunfire have been an inescapable and dark presence for the last four decades, serving not only as tools of violence but also as grim reminders of the hardships endured by every Afghan. The concept for this illustration is straightforward and easily comprehensible: nobody wants to see such things, so I shattered it.

4. Patriotism
In contrast to the common narrative presented by Google about Afghanistan, this nation boasts a rich tapestry of vibrant culture, hidden gems, a profound and extensive history, and remarkable individuals. These treasures are deeply ingrained in the hearts and souls of every Afghan across the globe. Through this illustration, I endeavored to capture a glimpse of that splendor in a single composition.

5. Youth Engagement
In keeping with the message, this illustration serves as a vivid depiction of youth as the driving force propelling Afghanistan towards prosperity.

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