Persian Calligraphy
Date: 2018–2022
Designed by: Mohammad Alem Afzalli
Projects type: Logo/Identity Design

1. Made by Afghan Women (2018)

“Made by Afghan Women” was a project conceived and executed by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce Afghanistan. The project’s aim was to promote Afghan handicrafts crafted by skilled Afghan women.
The logo drew inspiration from the shapes and structure of Afghan-made carpets and the Geometric Kufic script, which has deep roots in Afghan culture and whose style and character resemble the hand-crafted knots.

2. Elhaam Music Band (2018)

Elhaam is a collective of gifted artists united by a vision to fuse two genres - Sufism and Rock - together. They have already released a song that went viral within its first few days.
The wordmark was inspired by the tranquility of Sufi poetry and the energy found in rock music.

3. Thorki (2018)

Thorki was a startup with a vision to bring the comfort of home-cooked meals to busy office workers, benefiting both office workers with wholesome food and housewives with a source of income.
The logo was inspired by the smiley and happy feeling it evokes in both customers and providers, as well as the letter “ت” of Thokri in Afghanistan’s local languages.

4. Portfolio (2019)

Portfolio is an investment company operating in Kabul, Afghanistan, with the aim of facilitating investment opportunities across various industries in Afghanistan.
The design of the mark was inspired by three words - luxury, stability, and trust. It was crafted in Kufic calligraphy for its stable shape and form, with the silhouette derived from the shadows of the letterforms and rendered in a polished metallic finish.

5. Chaay Seyah (2020)

Chaay Seyah, which literally means “Black Tea,” has taken on a comedic connotation and evolved into a YouTube channel that addresses reality in a humorous manner.
The wordmark was designed to showcase a typeface with round and clear proportions, maintaining the fun and comedic tone of the channel.

6. Warl (2021)

Warl was an e-commerce platform designed, created, and operated by Afghan women with the dual aims of encouraging women to enter the field of technology and e-commerce and promoting the culture of recycling and reusing second-hand clothing items in a local context.
The wordmark was custom-designed with two primary objectives in mind: to be functional in a web and digital context while conveying a fresh and modern voice, and to promote the use of national languages in a market where everyone can understand the message in a clear and straightforward manner.

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